Karinna Nielsen


Karinna Nielsen is a Lemurian Goddess Light, spiritual teacher, astrologer, minister and healer. For over 15 years, she has been on a shamanic journey of love, awakening and service with Mother Earth and all of humanity. She is a purveyor of Lemurian healing wisdom through Lemurian Shamanic Astrology & Healing, Lemurian prophecy card readings, personalized trainings, Lemurian Wisdom Circle Goddess gatherings, and sacred site tours.

Karinna has been a Lemurian Shamanic healer (and healee) since 1998 when she began to study the ancient wisdom of Lemuria and Signature Cell Healing with Master Shamanic healer, Kahu Fred Sterling and his spirit guide, Master Guide Kirael, the Guardian for our Great Shift in Consciousness. For many years, she also coordinated the Kahu & Kirael healing events around the world and managed their book and article publishing.

In service to Mother Earth and our Great Shift in Consciousness, Karinna also serves as a Purple Goddess in the Lemurian Goddess weave, assisting in the release of the Earth's ties to the third-dimensional weave and holding a space of unconditional love for the ascension of Mother Earth and all of humanity through ceremonial Goddess gatherings, meditations and sacred journeys.



A Message From Karinna:

I believe that each of us is a divine light of Creation here to walk a unique journey of love and discovery. Through the Lemurian Shamanic Wisdom, I am passionate about assisting you in discovering and aligning with your life purpose, unique talents and gifts so that you may live a more joy-filled and fulfilling life.



Healing Background

  • Lemurian Shamanic Healer and Astrologer
  • Certified Signature Cell Healing® Practitioner/Trainer
  • Certified Healing Touch® Practitioner
  • Reiki Levels I & II


Other Credentials and Experience

  • B.A. and M.A. degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language from University of Hawai’i
  • ESL/EFL (English as a Second/Foreign Language) instructor at University of Hawai’i, Hawai’i Pacific University and in the Swiss school system
  • Purple Goddess Light, Shamanic Vision Holder and Record Keeper for the Lemurian Goddess Weave
  • Certification in Script and Archetypes Analysis with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
  • Ordained Spiritual Healing Minister



Mahalo to Patricia Kuamo'o for photos of Karinna!

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I beleive that each of us is a divine light of Creation doing a unique journey of love and discovery. My mission is to assist you in aligning with your life purpose and discovering the special gifts and talents you have come to express in this lifetime.

Why are you here? What are your talents and gifts? How can you express these optimally in your life? Through the Lemurian Shamanic Wisdom, I am in service so that you might discover and explore new aspects of who you are and experience the loving light of Creation shining within you and all around you. 

In Love and Lemurian blessings,



Venus at the 6th Gate of Creativity on July 24th

Rise early on Thursday morning for a spectacular meeting of Venus and the Moon in the pre-dawn sky. In the ancient Sumerian legend of Innana, Venus is on her way into the underworld and must surrender something at each of the gates. This month, she arrives at the 6th gate of Creativity (representing the 2nd, orange chakra) where she must surrender her ankle bracelets, symbolizing her release of the ways she has not loved or valued herself. Also as a special treat this month, Mercury may be visible below Venus if you have a low enough horizon, adding the element of communications and perceptions to Venus' journey through the 6th gate and the 2nd chakra. 

It is a wonderful time to connect with the energies of the planets ("As Above, So Below") and create a ceremony to celebrate our Goddess Light, surrendering any issues associated with the 2nd chakra and loving and valuing ourselves. Enjoy!